A paranormal comedy 2BrokeGirls meets Beetlejuice
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One is dead... One is about to be.

Marjorie is a ghost with a dysfunctional attachment to her childhood friend Brett. Refusing to go toward the light, she keeps one foot in the Underworld while continuing to interfere with the land of the living. When Marjorie discovers the Death Dealer is coming to collect Brett’s soul, she vows to fix the situation herself. Problem is, the laws of the universe demand balance and a replacement soul is required, with interest. Marjorie’s boundaries are pushed to the limit as she goes to wild extremes to justify the bloodshed as something any good friend would do. As she bends her relationship with the truth and evades admitting the circumstances of her own death, we soon realize our bright-eyed Pollyanna is stuck in purgatory for a reason.


Series Premiere

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A ghost makes a dangerous deal with death to give her childhood friend more time on Earth before she's escorted to Hell. Written & Directed by Lindsey McNeill, Starring Samantha Quantz, Vance Avery and Travis Deslaurier., Featuring Striker, Director of Photography: David Baron, Music - Shadow of Love by Royal Tusk.

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Ghost Girl on Youtube

Actor Vance Avery shares on the plans for Codependent Ghost Girl, his new series filming in Edmonton, AB.

Writer/Director Lindsey McNeill on filming Codependent Ghost Girl in Edmonton, AB. Official premiere is August 8, 2016.

Travis Deslaurier shares about playing "Jacob" in this new paranormal series, filmed in Edmonton, AB. Available August 8, 2016. Go to www.ghostgirl.ca for more!

Actress Samantha Quantz shares on playing the lead role in Codependent Ghost Girl, a new series for Telus Optik's STORYHIVE. Official premiere is August 8, 2016.

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Shit dude...

What is going on?

Give us a sign

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